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Insulated Probe Pick

Only sold in 10 pack JIC-22035/10

Designed with an L-shaped wire hook extension on one end and a 3/16" wide flat notched end on the other, this probe pick is perfect for guiding, probing, separating, and removing wire and insulation debris from network punch-down panels and jacks. This probe pick features the following:

  • L Hooks are insulated with shrink tubing for added protection
  • Two small notches on the flat end help grasp wires and electrical contacts
  • Made of a resilient ABS material for high durability and insulating properties
  • Can also be used to probe electrical contacts without damaging them
  • ONLY SOLD AS JIC-22035/10 (pack of 10) or in tool kits

Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tubing: With shrink tubing


End Type

Insulated L hook, Notched Flathead

Hook Diameter

1/16" (1.59 mm)

End Dimensions

3/16" (4.76 mm) wide, 1/16" thick (1.59 mm)



UPC # 811490012349