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Fiber Optic Tools

Jonard Tools is the global leader in fiber optic tools. We manufacture over 125 unique fiber optic tools and offers a range of kits for the fiber optics industry.

New Products



Jonard Tools is excited to be a part of the implementation of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) throughout the United States. It is an honor to partner and contribute to RDOF in bringing high speed broadband service to rural homes and small business with our fiber optic tools. Please contact us if you and your company are interested in our fiber optic tools that are Made For Life® with lifetime warranties.

RDOF Tool Catalog

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our fiber optic tools and fiber optic tool kits. As the low voltage industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools’ mission to provide tools that meet the latest needs of all fiber optic and cabling technicians. 

We take pride in manufacturing tools and products using premium quality materials to ensure technicians across a broad spectrum of fields and industries have the most reliable and durable tools with them at any job site. Our dedication to the quality of the tools we offer is why we back most of our tools with our Made for Life®, Guaranteed for Life policy. 
From basic hand tools such as our JIC-125 Fiber Optic Stripper, which is designed to remove 250μm buffer coating to expose the 125μm optical fiber in fiber optic cables, to tools like the FC-220, Fiber Cleaver, to test equipment like our OTDR-1000, Multi-Function OTDR, to fiber optic connector cleaning kits, we’ve got our technicians covered. 
Some of our most popular fiber optic tools belong to our mid-span slit and ring tools, also known as the MS line. These fiber optic tools are designed to easily give a technician quick access to interior optical fibers in a variety of cables. The newest addition to this line is the MS-446, Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (8.7 mm-14.6 mm). This tool is specifically intended to be used on AFL's Heavy Duty OSP MicroCore® (LMHD-Series) cables, and other thick-walled 8.7 to 14.6 mm diameter jackets. 
Our fiber optic tools catalog also includes nearly a dozen thermal strippers and ultrasonic cleaners, including the TSAB-40, Thermal Stripper with Adjustable Blade. This thermal stripper is designed to remove the coating from optical fibers with cladding. This adjustable thermal stripper is perfect for stripping extremely difficult or baked-on coatings. This fiber optic tool features an adjustable heater that can reach temperatures up to 200°C. This thermal stripper is also capable of removing fluoroacrylate undercoating, and it supports optical fibers with cladding diameters from 30 µm to 1000 µm, with buffer diameters up to 1200 µm, including 250 µm, 400 µm, and 900 µm coated fibers.

From start to finish, Jonard Tools offers products that will help fiber optic technicians and installers take on any project.   

For more detailed information on the products in our fiber optics tool category, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers: 
    • FDC-66
    • FS-616
Cleaners, Insertion & Removal tools
    • DW-90
    • FCC-120
    • FCC-125
    • FCC-250
    • FCC-300
    • FCCN-125
    • FCCN-250
    • FCF-3
    • FCT-100
    • FCT-200
    • FD-220
    • FW-5
    • FW-50
    • RFS-100
Fiber Cleavers
    • FC-4
    • FC-220
    • FC-500
    • FC-500RB
    • FC-65
    • PSI-15

Duct Cutters & Scoring Tools
    • FS-1080
    • FS-1080RB
    • FS-1416
    • FS-1416RB
    • MDC-14
    • MDC-28
    • MDC-28RB
    • MDC-64
    • MDC-64RB

Slitting & Ringing Tools
    • AST-200
    • AST-200RB
    • BTR-6
    • CSR-1575
    • CSR-2
    • EZSR-23
    • FOD-2000
    • FOD-RB25
    • FOR-3000
    • FOR-3000RB
    • JIC-4366
    • JIC-4377
    • MS-26
    • MS-306
    • MS-306RB
    • MS-316
    • MS-316RB
    • MS-326
    • MS-336
    • MS-336RB
    • MS-426
    • MS-426RB
    • MS-446
    • MS-446RB
    • MS-526
    • MS-526RB
    • MS-6
    • MSB-1533
    • MSB-2968
    • MSB-5010
    • RB-2060/6
    • RB-2878/6
    • RCS-25
    • RCS-25RB
    • RCS-30
    • RCS-30RB
    • RCS-50
    • RCS-50RB
    • RST-8514
    • RST-RB25

Stripping Tools
    • CST-1900
    • CST-4000
    • CST-7915
    • CST-900
    • CST-900RB
    • FDS-312
    • JIC-1022
    • JIC-125
    • JIC-175
    • JIC-180C
    • JIC-200
    • JIC-275
    • JIC-375
    • WST-225

Test Equipment
    • FIM-200
    • FIM-400
    • FLS-50
    • FLS-55
    • FPM-50A
    • FPM-55
    • FPM-70
    • OFI-50
    • OTDR-1000
    • PON-50
    • PON-55
    • VFL-150
    • VFL-25
    • VFL-25125
    • VFL-300

Thermal Strippers
    • TSAB-40
    • TSFB-125
    • TSPE-125
    • TSPF-125
    • TSUC-40
    • TSUC-5000
    • TSUC-510
    • TSUC-512
    • TSUC-516
    • TSUC-518

Tool Kits
    • FPL-5050
    • TK-105
    • TK-106
    • TK-107
    • TK-108
    • TK-120
    • TK-121
    • TK-150
    • TK-151
    • TK-160
    • TK-161
    • TK-170
    • TK-179
    • TK-182
    • TK-182RF
    • TK-183
    • TK-184
    • TK-185
    • TK-185PON
    • TK-186
    • TK-188
    • TK-189
    • TK-325
    • TK-350
    • TK-355
    • TK-375