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Stripping Tools

Stripping Tools

Jonard Tools manufactures a large range of unique wire stripping tools for the electrical and cabling industries.

Jonard Tools is committed to manufacturing and providing premium quality products and tools including our ever-expanding collection of wire stripping tools for electricians, electrical contractors, and others. As the electrical industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools' mission to provide the most efficient tools to complete all projects.

Jonard Tools offers an extensive selection of wire stripping tools that can be used on any kind of cable or wire. One of our most popular wire strippers is the Wire Stripper 16-26 AWG (JIC-1626). These wire strippers easily cut, and strip stranded and single conductors, making it a perfect tool for cutting and stripping wires from 16 AWG-26 AWG (1.29 mm-0.40 mm). This wire stripping tool has a 50 HRC black oxide finish which enhances strength and durability, and its working edges are hardened, tempered and ground for superior cutting and stripping capability. The JIC-1626 features a coil spring that reduced hand fatigue. 

The Wire Stripper and Cutter, 8-22 AWG (WS-822) was also designed with electricians, technicians, and electrical contractors in mind. Like many of our wire stripping tools, they feature ergonomic handles for comfort and safety. This wire stripping tool has a rugged die-cast body and a durable coated finish, and stripping blades that are made of high durability SK5 steel. The WA-882 has gripping and stripping jaws that can grab, hold, and strip wires with one squeeze of the handle. This wire stripper can be used to strip 8-20 AWG solid wire and 8-22 AWG stranded wire and can remove up to 1" of insulation.

One of our most compact wire stripping tools, the Adjustable Wire Stripper, 20-30 AWG, ESD Safe (ST-500ESD) weighs only 1 oz and measures 3.9" long. This small but efficient wire stripping tool features a
static-dissipative housing and designed for stripping 20-30 AWG wires. This wire stripper has a built-in adjustment dial that allows a user to change the strip gauge quickly and easily, as well as the wire length from 0.039" to 2.0" long.

For more specific product detailed information on any of our wire stripping tools, please visit the designated product page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part number:

Stripping Tools:
•    JIC-1022
•    JIC-1626
•    JIC-2030
•    ST-450
•    ST-500
•    ST-500ESD
•    ST-550
•    WS-5
•    WS-822
•    WSA-1024RB
•    WSA-1430
•    WSA-1430RB
•    WSC-826
•    WSC-1412