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Jonard Tools manufactures over 82 unique wires including Kynar® Wire, Electrical Hook Up Wire, and Tefzel Wire.

Featured Products

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our wires such as Kynar® Wire, Electrical Hook Up Wire, and Tefzel Wire.

Jonard Tools’ selection of wire includes but is not limited to:
    • Kynar® Low Strip Force Wire
    • Kynar® Normal Strip Force Wire
    • Kynar® Pre-Cut 30 AWG Wire
    • Kynar® Wire Dispensers
    • Hook-Up Wire
    • Tefzel Wire
This selection of wires includes a variety of different wire gauges and lengths (from 30 to 1000 feet) for all wires and situations. Below are a couple of our popular wire items:
    • WD-30-TRI Kynar® Wire Dispenser with 50 ft Wire, Red, White, and Blue
    • R-30B-0050 Kynar Wire, Blue 50 ft
    • R-30R-0050 Kynar Wire, Red, 50ft
    • R-30W-0050 Kynar Wire, White, 50 ft
    • R-30Y-0050 Kynar Wire, Yellow, 50 ft
    • R24BLK-0100 Kynar Wire, Black, 100ft
    • KSW30B-1000 30 AWG Kynar® Wire CSW, Low Strip Force, Blue, 1000 ft.
Frequently Asked Question:
What is a Kynar® Wire?
The name Kynar® refers to the chemical-resistant coating on these wires. 
Because of this coating, Kynar wiring or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) wiring has a good high dielectric strength over a broad range of temperatures, allowing for thin wall insulation.
Kynar is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals including most organic acids, bases, alcohols, organic acids, and more. These wires are ideally suited for wire wrapping and many other applications. The Kynar insulation provides a flexible, yet abrasion-resistant wire and the conductor is made from silver-plated OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) copper.

What is Electrical Hook Up Wire? 
Electrical hook up wires are part of a family of wires with a single (solid or stranded) insulated conductor used for making internal connections in low current, low voltage (< 600V) applications. These wires are often used in control panels, building construction, automotive components, computers/equipment, and appliances. 

What is Tefzel Wire?
Tefzel® is a ethylene-tetrafluoroehtylene (ETFE) insulation. Tefzel is light, thin, and resistant to abrasion, cuts, and damage from oils and most chemicals. This wire also exhibits radiation resistance. The insulation is rated to 150°C (302°F). It's designed for aerospace applications where dimensional tolerance, weight, and mechanical durability are required.