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Fiber Accessories

Fiber Accessories

Jonard Tools manufactures over 125 unique fiber optic tools and offers a range of fiber accessories.

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our fiber optic tools including fiber optic accessories. As the low voltage industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools’ mission to provide tools that meet the latest needs of all fiber optic and cabling technicians. 
We take pride in manufacturing tools and fiber optic accessories using premium quality materials to ensure technicians across a broad spectrum of fields and industries have the most reliable and durable tools with them at any job site. Our dedication to the quality of the tools we offer is why we back most of our tools with our Made for Life®, Guaranteed for Life policy. 

One example of our premium quality fiber optic accessories is the FS-616, Fiber Optic Scribe. This compact tool features a 35° beveled edge and a 6 mm wide carbide blade, making it a perfect tool for scribing or cleaving optical fibers. The FS-616 is pen-sized, lightweight, and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. When not in use, the blade is covered by a protective cap to ensure that the cutting head will not be accidentally damaged or injure the user.

In addition to manufacturing tools that technicians can rely on, we also offer several fiber optic accessory products that help make the worksite safer. The FDC-66, Fiber Scraps Disposal Can, does just that; it allows a technician to safely dispose of cleaved fiber ends, helping to prevent accidental cuts and finger sticks. This disposal can is compact and can fit into any fiber optic tool accessory kit or splice station. The FDC-66 has a 2 oz capacity and a twisting lock cover that keeps fiber scraps safely contained.

For more detailed information on the products in our fiber optic accessories category, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers: 


  • FDC-66

  • FS-616