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Tool Kits

Tool Kits

Jonard Tools manufactures unique low voltage tools that can be found in our low voltage tool kits for a better price and project efficiency.

Jonard Tools manufactures products using premium quality materials to ensure low voltage technicians have the most reliable and durable tools at their disposal. Therefore many of our most popular products can be found in our carefully assembled low voltage tool kits.
Jonard manufactures tools kits that help low voltage technicians start and complete any installation project. Our low voltage tool kits are designed to be cost-effective while providing technicians with a variety of tools in an easy-to-carry case, such as the H-90, Rugged 21 Pocket Tool Case. 

The H-90 is made with reinforced tough, thick backing material to ensure the case keeps its shape, even when loaded with tools. The handle is made of sturdy metal with a cushion grip and ergonomic design for easy carrying. The case also features Velcro side straps for securing the case to a ladder. 
One of the most popular low voltage took kits we offer is the 14 Piece Security & Alarm Tool Kit. This tool kit provides all the tools needed to prep COAX, network, and power cables for termination as well as tools for tracing and testing applications. Tools in this kit come in the H-90 and include our versatile 6-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver, the Universal Compression Tool, Pocket Continuity Tester & Toner with Voltage Protection, High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 8", Cyclops Wire Stripper, the Cable Tester Tone & Probe Kit+ with ABN, and more. 
Another popular low voltage tool kit that comes inside of the H-90 is the 16 Piece Security & Alarm Tool Kit+ (TK-611).  This kit is designed for technicians and installers in the security and alarm industry. The TK-611 includes tools to help prep COAX, network, and power cables for termination, as well as the Modular Cable Tester for RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 Cables, and the Cable Tester Tone & Probe Kit for tracing and testing applications. 
For more product details and information on our low voltage test kits, please visit the designated product page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:
Tool Kits:
    • TK-610
    • TK-611