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Tefzel® Wire

Tefzel® Wire

Tefzel® insulation is made of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) and is designed for corrosion resistance and strength across a wide temperature range.

Tefzel® is a fluorocopolymer thermoplastic material that has a reputation for excellent physical toughness and resistance to radiation, chemicals, UV, and extreme temperatures. Tefzel wiring can be customized by color, reinforcement, and conductivity levels which allows them to be used in a variety of high-performance components.

Jonard Tools manufactures a selection of products to support technicians who often use Tefzel wiring, including those in the electrical, automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries. 
Jonard Tools offers Tefzel Wire and a range of tools for working with it.   
    • TSW30-G-0100 30 AWG Tefzel Wire in Green in a 100 foot 
    • M-724A Wire Extractor
    • EXT-400 Wire Wrapping Extension Attachment
    • WRC-14 Wire Rope and Cable Cutter
    • JIC186 Wire and Kevlar Cutting Shear
    • G100/R3394CT Manual Wire Unwrapping Tool 
    • G100/R3278INS Insulated Wire Wrapping Tool 
    • WS-5 Adjustable Wire Stripper and Cutter
    • INP-4065 Insulated Wire Stripper, 6 ½”