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Fiber Optic Tool Kits

Fiber Optic Tool Kits

Jonard Tools offers more than 25 different fiber optic tool kits, each assembled to give fiber optic technicians all the tools they would need to take on a range of projects.

Jonard Tools is committed to manufacturing our products with premium-quality materials for all our fiber optic tools. As the low voltage industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools’ mission to provide tools that meet the latest needs of all fiber optic and cabling technicians. 
We take pride in manufacturing tools using premium-quality materials to ensure technicians across a broad spectrum of fields and industries have the most reliable and durable fiber optic tools and fiber optic tool kits with them at any job site. Our dedication to the quality of the tools we offer is why we back most of our tools with our Made for Life®, Guaranteed for Life policy.

Jonard Tools offers fiber optic tool kits to suit a range of needs, budgets, and scope of projects. Our TK-183, Fiber Optic Connector Clean and Prep Kit w/ Cleaver, is a four-piece tool kit that comes inside our Rugged Carrying Case. This fiber tool kit has cleaning and preparation products, including our Visual Fault Locator (VFL-25), Fiber Cleaver (FC-220), Fiber Wipes (FW-50), and Fiber Optic Stripper, Three Hole (JIC-375), for use on 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm connector end-faces and bulkhead adapters. 
Other fiber tool kits focus on cleaning fibers for splicing or connecting. The TK-287, Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit provides products for use on connector end-faces and bulkhead adapters. This kit features six fiber cleaning products including our FCC-120, Fiber Connector Cleaner, MPO; FCF-3, Nonflammable Fiber Cleaning Fluid, the DW-90, Dry Wipes for Cleaning Fiber, and more.  
One of our most complete fiber optic tool kits that we offer is the TK-199B, Ultimate Backpack Fiber Prep Kit. This fiber tool kit comes inside our popular, rugged technician’s backpack and includes 28 of Jonard’s most popular and best-selling fiber optic tools including buffer tool ringers, stripping tools, slitting tools, all five of our MS (Mid Span Slit & Ring) tools, cable cutters, connector cleaners, pliers, a flashlight, and more.
For more detailed information on the products in our fiber optics tool category, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers: 

Tool Kits
    • FPL-5050
    • TK-105
    • TK-106
    • TK-107
    • TK-108
    • TK-120
    • TK-121
    • TK-150
    • TK-151
    • TK-160
    • TK-161
    • TK-170
    • TK-179
    • TK-182
    • TK-182RF
    • TK-183
    • TK-184
    • TK-185
    • TK-185PON
    • TK-186
    • TK-188
    • TK-189
    • TK-199B
    • TK-287
    • TK-325
    • TK-350
    • TK-355
    • TK-375