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Cable & Wire Fishing Tools

Cable & Wire Fishing Tools

Jonard Tools manufactures a range of unique cable & wire fishing tools for the security & alarm, home automation, and low voltage industry.

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our cable fishing tools and wire fishing tools. As the low voltage industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools’ mission to provide the most innovative tools needed for every project.

Since 1958, Jonard Tools has been manufacturing tools for the cabling industry. Jonard Tools is consistently working to keep in step with the newest trends and the cabling industry’s latest innovations. Jonard proudly manufactures cable fishing tools and wire fishing tools that are made of premium high-quality materials to ensure performance and durability that lasts a lifetime. This is why most of the cable fishing and wall fishing tools we offer are backed by our Made for Life®, guaranteed-for-life policy.

Jonard manufactures tools and products that help cable installers start and complete any installation project. The cable fishing tools and wall fishing tools in our low voltage catalog make it easy to run cabling across new constructions or existing structures. From cable caddies that make it easier to carry cabling spools across job sites to kits that help hide cabling inside walls, to tools to open existing walls, to termination products, we have them.
Our Pulley for Low Voltage Electrical, Network, & COAX Cables come as a set of two and are designed to allow an installer to pull up to 20 CAT5 or CAT6 network cables across job sites. These pulleys feature swivel snap hooks for quick installation and to allow the pulleys to align with the direction in which they are being pulled, and anti-friction roller bearings with deep grooves that allow cables to be pulled smoothly and easily. The pulleys can also be used together with any of our Steel Cable Caddies (CC-2721, CC-2721WS, and CC-5442). Each of the cable caddies is made of sturdy steel and can hold cable spools weighing up to 100lbs. Each of the caddies is compact and can fold to be carried anywhere on a job site or for storage at the end of the day.  
For more product details and information for each cable installation tool for electricians, please visit the designated product page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:

Fish Tape:
    • FTS-240
    • FTS-50

Cable Lacing & Sewing Tools:
    • JIC-2257
    • JIC-2257M
    • JIC-2257M-12
    • JIC-287
    • JIC-3209
Magnetic Tools:
    • MRS-BC10