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Glow Rods & Telescoping Poles

Glow Rods & Telescoping Poles

Jonard Tools manufactures over 13 unique glow rods and telescoping poles for the security & alarm, home automation, and low voltage industry.

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our glow rods and telescoping poles. As the low voltage industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools mission to provide the latest low voltage tools needed for each project.

Jonard Tools manufactures more than 70 cable installation tools designed to help low voltage technicians take on any installation project, included in this category are our popular telescoping poles, glow rods and various kits for each.

Jonard Tools’ low voltage tools include a range of tools for cable installation, and inspections. Each tool, from our installation tools, wire and cable fishing tools cable pulleys, glow rods, telescoping poles, and others, are all designed to allow installers and technicians to work efficiently and safely.
Jonard Tools’ glow rods come in various sizes from 9 ft to 30ft. Our telescoping poles also vary in length from five-feet to 18-feet. Our line of telescoping poles and glow rods are designed to facilitate cable installations and are perfect for pushing or pulling cables in spaces that are in hard to reach, high areas, or areas with low or dim lighting. Our CFP-60 telescoping pole extends to a full 5 feet and provides exceptional control and accuracy when attached to tools like our Multipurpose Wireless Inspection Camera or for installing or retrieving cables in drop ceilings.
The Jonard Tools telescoping poles are perfect for installing or retrieving cables in drop ceilings or other hard-to-reach spaces. These poles are made of tapered, interlocking pieces that extend to a variety of lengths. Each telescoping pole can also be used with accessories such as C and K hooks to grab and pull or push cables. These accessories are made of zinc plated high carbon steel for long life and durability.   
Our luminescent flexible fiberglass glow rods illuminate in the dark and are made to be splinter-free, they can be connected to extend to a desired length, they have a pull strength up to 500 lbs., and some of our kits include attachment heads, including a ball chain, hook, and our Whisklight that will allow a cable installer to push, pull, or move through areas including acoustical ceilings and crawl spaces.
For more product details and information for each glow rods and telescoping poles, please visit the designated product page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:

Glow Rods:
    • RDG-15
    • RDG-15A
    • RDG-30
    • RDG-30A
    • RDG-9
Telescoping Poles:
    • RDT-12
    • RDT-18K
    • RDT-3RH