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Alignment, Adjustment & Burnishers

Alignment, Adjustment & Burnishers

Jonard Tools manufactures over 37 unique tools for Alignments, Adjustments, and Burnishing. 

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality materials to ensure technicians across a broad spectrum of fields and industries have the most reliable and durable tools with them at any job site. Our dedication to the quality of the tools we offer is why we back most of our tools with our Made for Life®, guaranteed for life policy. Our tools are also specifically manufactured to meet evolving industry needs. 

Jonard Tools designs and manufactures tools with technician needs in mind. In addition to using premium-quality materials, we always design tools that a user will enjoy using and will have in their toolbox for life. Tools such as our adjustment, alignment, and burnishing tools are precision tools designed to fit into the smallest spaces without damaging wires or delicate component parts. 
The CS-1022, E & C Clip Setter. This clip setter is intended to be used in narrow spaces and can hold E and C clips in position while inserting or grabbing them for removal. This clip setter features a hook and leaf spring on one end of the tool to help remove these clips with ease, meanwhile, the leaf spring on the other end of the tool holds clips in position while inserting.
Included in the alignment, adjustment, and burnishers category of tools, are the pieces in the Push Spring Hook, 6" (M-125/5). The five push spring hooks are perfect for aligning fine springs and other small parts. These tools are made of durable nickel-plated steel and have specially designed hooks on one side that allows a user to insert or remove compressed relay springs for insertion or retrieval without the spring slipping off the tool. The tools also feature looped handles for maximum control and precision. 
For product details and information on our Alignment, Adjustment, & Burnishers category, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:
Alignment, Adjustment, & Burnishers
    • AT-3112/10
    • AT-6241/10
    • B-3/25
    • B-3R/25
    • B-7/25
    • CS-1022
    • D-200
    • D-300
    • D-400
    • JIC-139B
    • JIC-22035/10
    • JIC-22035NT/10
    • JIC-719A
    • M-120/5
    • M-121/5
    • M-125/5
    • M-126/5
    • M-130/SX5
    • M-135/5
    • M-137/5
    • M-145/5
    • M-724A
    • OB-1/12
    • OB-1/3
    • OB-2/12
    • OB-3/12
    • OB-4/12
    • OS-344/100
    • PB-3
    • PB-3R
    • PB-7
    • S-339
    • S-389/10
    • S-389/100
    • S-389M/10
    • S-389M/100
    • TK-AT5