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Connectors & Connector Tools

Connectors & Connector Tools

Jonard Tools manufactures a range of unique network cable connector tools and product for the telecommunication, network and IT industry.

Jonard Tools takes pride in manufacturing networking tools and products using premium quality materials to ensure cabling technicians have the most reliable and durable tools with them at any job site. These products are also specifically manufactured to meet the evolving needs of the cabling industry and those of the technicians that work with networking/IT and telecommunications cabling.

Jonard Tools’ cabling tools include a range of tools for cable installation, wire preparation, and termination. Our network connectors are perfect for installers, technicians, or anyone that needs to replace a connector. All network cabling connectors are made with 50 μin (microinch) gold plating on contact surfaces, which provides greater signal quality. What makes our network cable connectors ideal for technicians and installers is that they simplify the process of inserting cables. These connectors feature a pass-through wire design so that an installer does not need to strip cables to a specific length. Our connectors allow wires to pass through them. This feature eliminates the need to measure and cut wires before termination, reducing signal loss.
The Jonard Tools RJ11 Pass-Through Connectors are used by network installers/technicians in order to terminate telephone cables with a pass-through crimper. They can be used in different areas and are perfect for terminating flat or round telephone cables or even replacing an existing connector (CAT3 or other similar).
Jonard Tools also manufactures CAT5e and CAT6 RJ45 Pass-Through Connectors that are used by network installers/technicians in order to terminate CAT5e or CAT6 network cables with a pass-through crimper. These connectors are perfect for use in various places, including households and businesses. These network connectors feature tripoint-type prongs that allow a technician to use stranded or solid CAT5/CAT5e cables. An advantage of these pass-through network cable connectors is that they eliminate the need to measure and cut the wires before termination, which can lead to poor connection and signal loss.
For product details and information on the network cable connector tools, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:
    • RG6-50
    • RJ45-5100    
    • RJ45-525    
    • RJ45-550    
    • RJ45-6100    
    • RJ45-625
    • RJ45-650