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Fume Absorber & Desolder Pumps

Fume Absorber & Desolder Pumps

Jonard Tools manufactures a large range of unique fume absorbers and desolder pumps for the electrical industry.  

Jonard Tools is committed to manufacturing and providing premium quality tools and products including fume extractors, fume absorbers, and smoke extractors, including replacement parts and accessories for electricians, electrical contractors, and others. As the electrical industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools' mission to provide the most efficient products needed for each project.

Our fume extractors, fume absorbers, and smoke extractors help eliminate the harsh smelling and irritating smoke that is emitted while soldering. We manufacture fume extractors and absorbers in a variety of sizes to suit any need and work environment. 

The Fume Absorber with Adjustable Stand (SA-9-E-115) can accommodate small or limited workspaces where air purification is needed. Our fume absorber is perfect for extracting harsh soldering fumes away from work areas. Our fume absorber features an ESD safe housing for working near static sensitive products. Its compact size, low profile, and adjustable stand makes it easy to place the absorber close to a work area. The fume absorber has an aerodynamically designed hood and features a 3000 RPM motor that quietly removes smoke and fumes. The thick carbon filters remove up to 80 percent of the odors from the air. We also offer replacement Fume Absorber Filter (SAF-1) as a pack of three. 

The Conversion Kit for Fume Absorber (SAK-90) is a long articulating arm that is compatible with the SA-91 and SA-91-E fume absorbers. This conversion kit makes it easy to optimize the position of our fume absorber without taking up a lot space.

Jonard also manufactures a line of desoldering pumps to easily remove solder. Our Compact Desolder Pump (DP-140) provides high-vacuum suction and is fitted with a Teflon tip to remove solder with precision. The 8” long desolder pump is made of a lightweight, durable plastic housing and has plated springs inside to provide excellent corrosion resistance. The hand-held pump’s cushioned shock reduction minimizes board damage while removing solder. 

For more specific product detailed information on each of our fume and smoke extractors or our desoldering pumps for electricians, please visit the designated product page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part number:

Fume Absorber & Desolder Pumps:  
•    DP-100  
•    DP-140  
•    DP-200  
•    DPT-100  
•    DPT-200  
•    SA-91  
•    SA-9-115  
•    SA-91-E  
•    SA-9-E-115 
•    SAF-1  
•    SAK-90