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Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Jonard Tools manufactures a range of unique network test equipment for the telecommunication, network and IT industry.

Jonard Tools takes pride in manufacturing tools and products, including a series of network cable testers, that are made with premium quality materials to ensure cabling technicians have the most reliable and durable tools with them at any job site. Therefore we back most of our cabling tools with our Made for Life®, guaranteed for life policy. Our network cable testing tools are also specifically manufactured to meet the evolving needs of the cabling industry.

Jonard Tools’ series of network cable testers come in a range of sizes and can perform simple tests like testing the continuity of a network cable to more complex functions such as identifying multiple network cables in main cable boxes, and evaluating HDMI cables that may have shorts, open circuits, or have wire pairs in the wrong order.
Tools like the HDMI Cable Tester are perfect for evaluating HDMI cables that may are malfunctioning because of shorts have been misaligned. It can be used to test any cable length or scan network cables to allow the user to see each individual connection being tested. The remote can be detached from the main unit to allow a technician to quickly and easily test HDMI cables that are very long (tested up to 500m).
Another essential tool for network cable technicians is the Cable Mapper Pro. This network cable tester performs multiple functions and can be used to test up to 8 COAX and network cables. The 8-way cable mapper can be used on cables up to 1,000 feet in length, can quick and easy to locate cables in wiring closets or patch panels, and it can test network cables using RJ11 and RJ45 connectors for shorts and wire mispairings. For safety, the until also features a live voltage detector to warn a technician if cables are live. 
For product details and information on the network cable tester tools, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:
Test Equipment    
    • CM-100
    • CM-17
    • CM-8
    • CMI-RJ45
    • CMI-SET8
    • HDMI-100
    • MCT-468
    • PT-100
    • PT-300
    • PT-350
    • TEP-100
    • TEP-200
    • TET-6
    • TET-600
    • TET-700
    • TET-700BC
    • TETP-800
    • TETP-900
    • TETP-901