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Tool Kits

Tool Kits

Jonard Tools manufactures over 12 unique and best valued tool kits for the CATV, COAX, VDV, and Satellite industry.

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on CATV tools, COAX tools, VDV tools, and Satellite tools into must-have tool kits. As the CATV, VDV, and Satellite Industry changes in COAX cable size and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools committed to providing all the latest COAX tools needed for each project and job. 
Jonard Tools COAX tool kits, CATV tool kits, and VDV tool kits are created with the input of technicians in the field and what set of tools they need for each project. We have set up different tool kits for a range of needs and skill levels. We offer the most reliable, affordable tool kit to help our users complete field work or starting a new projects. 

Some of our popular COAX tool kits are tailored for long f connectors, short f connector, 360-degree compression, universal compression or dual compression projects. Other tool kits are tailored, but not limited to, telecom installers, CATV communicational, and VDV installer new to the trade or simply technicians that needs an upgrade and replacement for their work.

Did you know: Coaxial cables are highly resistant to physical damage and are less susceptible to noise interference compared to twisted pair cabling.

For more specific tool kit detail information of each COAX tool kits, CATV tool kits, and VDV tool kits, please visit the designated tool kit page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part number:

COAX Tool Kits:
    • TK-78
    • TK-78E
    • TK-79
    • TK-82
    • TK-83
    • TK-85
    • TK-86
    • TK-87
    • TK-89
CATV Tool Kits:
    • TK-822
    • TK-450M
VDV Tool Kits:
    • TK-RJ550