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Jonard Tools manufactures over 180 unique coax cable tools for the CATV, COAX, VDV, and Satellite industry. 


Jonard Tools manufactures over 180 unique coax cable tools for the CATV, COAX, VDV, and Satellite industry. 

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Jonard Tools manufactures over 180 unique coax cable tools for the CATV, COAX, VDV, and Satellite industry. 

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If you are new to the CATV, COAX, VDV, or Satellite industries, have not worked in them in a while, or simply need a refresher on using or procedural tips, Jonard Tools has an impressive collection of free educational videos available.

Did you know: One of the most common problems when installing COAX cable and terminating it, is making sure the center conductor is even with the connector. As it ensures proper connectivity, and signal transmission in addition to preventing attenuation issues, power-level discrepancies, and inconsistent picture quality.

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Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our tools for coaxial cable, commonly referred to as COAX cable, including but not limited to cable stripping, coring, cutting, preparing, inspecting, installing, connecting, or terminating cables. 

Jonard Tools COAX cable tools include a various compression tool, crimping tools, rg6 connectors, flaring tools, coring tools, coax stripping tools, slitting tools, ringing tools, termination tools, locking tools, unlocking tools, test equipment, and torque wrenches. For convenience and a discounted rate, we offer customers a variety of COAX tool kits, made of different must-have COAX cable tools. 

All our Jonard Tools products are made of premium high-quality material to last a lifetime. Majority of our COAX cable tools are backed by our Made for Life®, guaranteed for life policy. 

As the CATV, VDV, and Satellite Industry changes in COAX cable size and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools committed to providing all the latest COAX tools needed for each project and job. 
Jonard Tools compression coax tools can be used for short style F connectors, long style F connectors, short and long F connectors, BNC connectors, and RCA connectors. Here is a list of Jonard Tools part number for compression coax tools: CT-200, CTF-180, CTF-200, CTF-200CG, CTF-230, CTF-300, CTF-360, and CTF-360XL.

Jonard Tools crimping coax tools are designed for COAX die and without die. For COAX cable with die, the UC-8012 would be the coax tool for CATV F connectors
(RG-59 and RG-6 connectors). For COAX cable without die, the UC-8000 would be the perfect crimper. Other crimping COAX tools include UCD-2045 and UCD-2685.

Jonard Tools RG6 connector are universal compression connection and made with premium high-quality material to provide the prefect connection. The RG6 connectors are sold in packs of 50 connectors and Works with our CTF-200, CTF-230, and CT-200 compression COAX tools.
For more detail information of each COAX cable tool category, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part number:

Compression Tools:
    • CT-200
    • CTF-180
    • CTF-200
    • CTF-200CG
    • CTF-230
    • CTF-300
    • CTF-360
    • CTF-360XL

Crimping Tools:
    • UC-8000
    • UC-866
    • UCD-2045
    • UCD-2685

Flaring Tools:
    • FT-2075
    • FT-6

Connector Tools:
    • RG6-50
    • RBNC-12
    • RBNC-3
    • RF-12
    • RF-18
    • RFX-12

Cleaner Tools:
    • CC-120

Coring Tools:
    • HC-50
    • HC-540QR
    • HC-625
    • HC-715QR
    • HC-75
    • HC-860QR
    • HC-875

Stripping Tools:
    • HS-50
    • HS-540QR
    • HS-625
    • HS-715QR
    • HS-75
    • HS-860QR
    • HS-875

Coring & Stripping Tools:
    • HSC-625
    • HSC-715QR
    • HSC-75
    • HSC-860QR
    • HSC-875
    • HS-RB
    • HS-RBQR

Stripping, Slitting & Ringing Tools:
    • CST-1i
    • CST-1900
    • CST-4000
    • CST-7915
    • CST-900
    • CST-900RB
    • JIC-2060
    • WSS-4625

COAX Stripping Tools:
    • CSS-5097
    • CSS-5110
    • CSS-5127
    • CSS-5156
    • CSS-5610
    • CSS-596
    • CSS-59M
    • UST-100
    • UST-125
    • UST-135
    • UST-150
    • UST-1596
    • UST-175
    • UST-185
    • UST-500
    • UST-525
    • UST-540
    • UST-596

Termination, Locking & Unlocking Tools
    • SSK-70
    • SSK-700
    • SSK-716
    • SSK-75
    • SSK-750
    • SSK-80
    • SSK-800
    • SSK-85
    • SSK-850
    • SSK-876
    • SSK-90
    • SSK-900
    • SSK-950
    • SST-716
    • SST-716AT
    • SST-916
    • TT-4
    • TT-7
    • TT-7PT
    • TT-7V
    • TT-812
    • TTB-6
    • TTBW-158
    • TTCG-6270-5
    • TTCG-6270-9
    • TTK-225
    • TT-PPLTT4
    • TTS-716
    • UUT-425

Test Equipment:
    • CM-100
    • CM-17
    • CM-8
    • TEP-100
    • TEP-200
    • TET-6
    • TET-600
    • TET-700
    • TET-700BC
    • TETP-800
    • TETP-900
    • TETP-901

CATV, VDV, COAX Tool Kits:
    • TK-450M
    • TK-78
    • TK-78E
    • TK-79
    • TK-82
    • TK-822
    • TK-83
    • TK-85
    • TK-86
    • TK-87
    • TK-89
    • TK-RJ550

Torque Wrenches:
    • CTW-71612
    • CTW-716312
    • CTW-71638
    • CTW-7163812
    • CTW-7168
    • CTW-H
    • TWAF-1130
    • TWAF-1220
    • TWAF-22176
    • TWAF-2244
    • TWAF-2288
    • TWAF-71620
    • TWAF-71625
    • TWAF-71630
    • TWAF-71630K
    • TWAF-71640
    • TWAF-91620
    • TWAF-91630
    • TWAF-91640
    • TWAFST-71622
    • TWAFST-71630
    • TWAS-71620
    • TWAS-71630
    • TWS-38/10
    • TWS-532/10
    • TWSW-10
    • TWSW-10SK
    • TWSW-40