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Crimping Tools

Crimping Tools

Jonard Tools manufactures a range of unique crimping tools for the telecommunication, network and IT industry.

Jonard Tools takes pride in manufacturing networking tools, including our series of crimping tools, using premium quality materials to ensure cabling technicians have the most reliable and durable tools with them at any job site. These products are also specifically manufactured to meet the evolving needs of the cabling industry and those of the technicians that work with networking/IT and telecommunications cabling.

To date, Jonard Tools manufactures seven crimping tools, as well as accessories to work on several types of cables. These tools are perfect for network installers and are intended to crimp RJ11/12, RJ45, FC, ST, SC, LC, SMA, MT-RJ, RG-59/RG-6 CATV “F” connectors onto fiber optic, CAT3, CAT5/5e, and CAT6 cables, as well as COAX and network cabling. 
One of our best-selling crimping tools is the 6-in-1 Crimping Tool, RJ45 Pass-through & RJ11/12 Modular. This crimping tool is designed to crimp RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45 connectors onto CAT3, CAT5/5e, and CAT6 cables. This pass-through connector crimper attaches/crimps pass-through RJ45 connectors without measuring because it can cleanly trim the wires flush to the end face of pass-through RJ45 connectors. This tool is ideal for use with 22 AWG-28 AWG flat/round, solid/stranded telephone, and data cables
Another excellent tool that Jonard Tools offers is the Crimper with Fiber Optic Die (US-8039). This crimping tool is designed to be used to crimp FC, ST, SC, LC, SMA, and MT-RJ connectors. This tool is perfect for crimping fiber optic connector collars. The crimping tool features an angled head and dual-component handles to provide comfort during use. The crimping tool also features a built-in safety release that allows the ratchet to unlock as needed. 
For product details and information on each of the crimping tools, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:
Crimping Tools    
    • PIC-G    
    • PIC-MR1    
    • UC-4569    
    • UC-4569RB    
    • UC-8012    
    • UC-8039    
    • UC-864