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Tool Bags

Jonard Tools manufactures more than 17 unique Tool Bags, Tool Pouches, and Toolboxes for all industry needs. 

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Jonard Tools is committed to manufacturing premium quality materials to ensure technicians have the most reliable tools, tool bags, toolboxes, and tool pouches with them at the jobsite and beyond. These accessories, like our tools, are specifically manufactured to meet the evolving needs of those in trades including electric, fiber optics, networking, security & alarm, and home automation.

Our toolboxes, tool bags, and tool pouches come in varying sizes to suit different needs, functions, and are all made with rugged materials for durability and longevity. Tool cases like our Rugged 21 Pocket Tool Case (H-90) come with added features such as a thick backing material that reinforces the walls of the tool bag, allowing it to maintain its shape even while loaded with tools. The tool bag also features a sturdy, rotatable metal handle with a cushion grip and ergonomic design. The tool bag also comes with a metal clip on the side for holding a tape measure and two Velcro straps that can be used to secure it to a ladder.  
Some of our other tool bags are smaller in size but are equally essential. Our Rugged Carrying Case (H-20) is made from heavy-duty polyester material and features interior and exterior pockets for convenience, and features loops on the sides to make it easier to hold or attach to a carabiner. This tool bag is also included in nine of our popular tool kits including the TK-77, Coax Cable Install and Test Kit, and the TK-105, Fiber Optic Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool Kit (1.2 mm-10 mm). 
Our tool pouches are some of our smallest tools carrying accessories, however, these are all designed to carry multiple tools and light enough to be attached to a belt or a belt loop. The Molded 7 Pocket Tool Pouch (H-75) and the Molded 8 Pocket Tool Pouch (H-85) are made of rugged PVC material for strength and durability, and feature form-fitted pockets designed to hold pliers, scissors, cable strippers, flashlights, screwdriver, and other items. The Leather 2 Pocket Tool Pouch (H-45) is form-fitted and can accommodate a wide array of tools including wide-body scissors, pliers, and wire/fiber strippers. This compact tool pouch can be mounted on belts up to 2" wide and can hold a wide array of tools.  
For product details and information on each of our toolboxes, tool pouches, and tool bags, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:

Tool Bags: