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Low Voltage Tools

Jonard Tools manufactures more than 70 unique low voltage tools for the security & alarm, home automation, and low voltage industry.

New Products

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our low-voltage tools for all projects. Experience our low voltage tools such as cable & wire fishing, cable installation tools, glow rods, telescoping, test equipment, tool kits, wall box panels, electrical panels, inspection cameras, and more.

Jonard Tools’ low voltage tools include a range of tools for home automation, including those for cable installation, wire preparation, termination, and testing. Each tool, from our installation tools, wire and cable fishing tools cable pulleys, glow rods, telescoping poles, and others, are all designed to allow installers and technicians to work more efficiently and safely.

Jonard Tools engineers are constantly either creating new tools or finding ways to improve on existing products. One notable tool is the award-winning, Adjustable Round Hole Cutter w/ Vacuum Port, 9" (AHC-19). This specialized hole cutter—which is based on the Adjustable Round Hole Cutter, 2.2"-10" (AHC-10)—allows cable installers to cut round holes in ceilings, walls, and floors from 2.2" to 9" (56 mm - 228.6 mm) in diameter while minimizing debris. The AHC-19 features a vacuum port with a 2.5" (63.5 mm) diameter hose nozzle, that allows the tool to clean as it cuts.
Two other indispensable low voltage tools for cable installers are our Fish Tape reels. We manufacture these in two different lengths (50 feet and 250 feet) to suit various installation project needs. The FTS-50 and the FT-250 are perfect tools to have on hand for pulling wire or cables through conduits, walls, or under items like carpets. The tapes are made from high-strength spring steel that allows them to easily handle heavy-duty wire pulls, and each features laser-etched measurement markings at every foot to help cable installers track how much tape is being used. 
For more detailed information on each low voltage tool category, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:

Cable & Wire Fishing:
    • FTS-240
    • FTS-50
    • JIC-2257
    • JIC-2257M
    • JIC-2257M-12
    • JIC-287
    • JIC-3209
    • MRS-BC10
    • RB-2257/6
    • RB-287/6
Cable Installation Tools:
    • AHC-10
    • AHC-10RB
    • AHC-19
    • CC-2721
    • CC-2721WS
    • CC-5442
    • CCB-25
    • CCB-34
    • DBC-3818
    • DBC-3824
    • MF-1/25
    • MF-25/10
    • MF-25/25
    • MF-45
    • MF-5/25
    • MM-110
    • MM-120
    • MM-800
    • MP-100
    • MP-210
    • MP-220
    • MP-700
    • MP-800
    • MRS-24
    • MRS-36
    • MRS-RH20
    • ROD-3316
    • ROD-3316AK
Glow Rods & Telescoping Poles:
    • RDC-35
    • RDG-15
    • RDG-15A
    • RDG-30
    • RDG-30A
    • RDG-9
    • RDG-FLW
    • RDG-RP4
    • RDG-RP4A
    • RDK-5
    • RDT-12
    • RDT-18K
    • RDT-3RH
Test Equipment:
    • TBS-100
    • VT-1100
Wall Box & Electrical Panels:
    • EBC-400
    • EBC-800
    • EBW-412
    • EBW-812
    • WBK-100
    • WTL-12
    • WTL-32M
    • WTL-34
Tool Kits:
    • TK-610
    • TK-611
Inspection Cameras:
    • CF-100
    • CF-200
    • CF-300
    • CFGN150A
    • CFST-55B