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Compact Cable Slit & Ring Tool, (0.125" - 0.250")

Designed to slit and ring fiber optic cables from 0.125" - 0.250" (3.3 mm - 6.4 mm) in diameter, this cable slit and ring tool is perfect for slitting and ringing cables, buffer tubes, and jackets on fiber optic cables. This cable slit and ring tool features the following:

  • Blade depth is easily adjustable, from 0.125" to 0.250" (3.3 mm - 6.4 mm)
  • Spring-loaded handles for easy operation
  • Can be used to slit and ring 1/8" and 7/32" diameter cable as well as fiber, coaxial, and electrical cable of similar size
  • Includes two cutting blades and one rounded blade for slitting without damaging the inner conductors

Maximum Cable Diameter

Maximum Cable Diameter: 0.250" (6.4 mm)


Cut Type

Ring, Slit

Cable Type


Cable Diameter

0.125" - 0.250" (3.3 mm - 6.4 mm)

Product Main Color Blue
Weight 0.04 lb (18.16 g)
UPC # 810053351864