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Force Gauges

Force Gauges

Jonard Tools manufactures a large range of unique force garages, for technicians working across multiple fields and industries. 

Jonard Tools takes pride in manufacturing tools and products, including a line of nearly 20 force gauges, using premium quality materials to ensure our tools are the most reliable and durable products a technician can have with them at any job site. This is why the majority of our solar tools are backed by our Made for Life®, guaranteed for life policy. Our solar tools are also specifically manufactured to meet the evolving needs of this growing industry.

Each of our force gauges is designed to allow installers and technicians to work efficiently and offer extreme precision and high durability. They feature measuring springs that are made of hard-tempered annealed beryllium copper for durable use. Our force gauges come in a variety of sizes to meet many applications. 
Some of the smaller force gauges we offer include the Metric Push-Pull Force Gauge, 0-1000 g (GPP-1). This force gauge is a precision, compact tubular-type mechanical force gauge, that has a slender shape that allows it to be used in confined areas to measure push-pull forces. This Push-Pull Force Gauge is graduated in grams and measures up to 1000 g (35.27 oz). Precision springs individually are calibrated and checked with dead weights. Full-scale accuracy and factory calibration is held to ± 1 graduation.
Another one of the smaller models is the Push-Pull Economy Force Gauge, 0-2025 g/0-72 oz (GPP-72). This gauge is made of high-impact polystyrene casing and accurately measures push-pull forces in grams and ounces. This force gauge is ideal for field service use and applications requiring gauges with maintenance-free operation. 
Jonard Tools also manufactures slightly larger force gauges like the Dynamometer Force Gauge, 700-4000 g (GD-400). This force gauge is designed to take measurements easily by placing the point of the gauge arm perpendicular to the force being measured. Reading can be taken in both directions - clockwise and counterclockwise.
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Force Gauges: