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Termination, Locking, & Unlocking Tools

Termination, Locking, & Unlocking Tools

Jonard Tools manufactures over 29 unique termination, locking, and unlocking tools for the CATV, COAX, VDV, and Satellite industry.

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our termination, locking, and unlocking tools. As the CATV, VDV, and Satellite Industry changes in COAX cable size and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools committed to providing all the latest COAX tools needed for each project and job. 

Jonard Tools cable terminator tools are designed for a variety of locking terminators. The popular TT model series of cable terminator tools allows users to easily access ports between trap shields. The user will find that some of the cable terminator tools are designed for PPC, T&B, TRL prong terminators and Viewsonics prong terminators. The Jonard Tools’ cable terminator tools range from 4” to 9”.

Jonard Tools offers a variety of locking and unlocking tools such as, but not limited to, the star keys, p keys, plunger keys, security shield wrenches. Each product page will specify the brand or type the cable terminator tool or locking and unlocking tool is compatible with. 

Did you know: The cable type, components, and application determine if cabling is high or low impact. 

For more specific product detail information of each termination, locking, and unlocking tools, please visit the designated product page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part number:

Cable Terminator Tools:
    • TT-4
    • TT-7
    • TT-7PT
    • TT-7V
    • TT-812
    • TTB-6
    • TTBW-158
    • TTCG-6270-5
    • TTCG-6270-9
    • TTK-225
Star Keys:
    • SSK-70
    • SSK-700
    • SSK-716
    • SSK-75

    • SSK-750
    • SSK-80
    • SSK-800
    • SSK-85
    • SSK-850
    • SSK-876
    • SSK-90
    • SSK-900
    • SSK-950
P Keys:
    • SSK-90
    • SSK-900
    • SSK-950
    • TT-PPLTT4
Security Shield Wrenches:
    • SST-716
    • SST-716AT
    • SST-916
    • TTS-716
Plunger Key:
    • TTBW-158
    • TTCG-6270-5