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Why Jonard Tools

Founded in 1958, Jonard Tools® manufactures tools for the Telecom, CATV, Fiber Optic, Home Automation, Security & Alarm, and Electrical markets. Jonard Tools designs and engineers patented products by utilizing customer partnerships to create innovative solutions for industry needs. New tools are released each month and are all Made For Life® with lifetime warranties. Through quality and innovation Jonard aims to move the industry forward and connect the world

What Our Customers Say

#tooloftheday CST-1900. No knife can strip a clean square cuts like this without ringing the conductor. Makes easy work of this 500kcmil AL XHHW-2.

Royal BAM

I got a couple of MS-426 slitters, used on my training at TDC (Danish Telecom) and they now have 60 installers who will be getting one!

Ian Gordon Fudge
Our Tools Are Near You

Let us help you find your next favorite tool! Jonard Tools are sold globally through international distributors on almost every continent. Find a distributor near you. 

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