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Kynar® Wire

Kynar® Wire

Jonard Tools manufactures over 80 Kynar wire that support the electrical, communications, and cabling industries.

Jonard Tools’ selection of Kynar Wires vary by gauges: 30, 28, 26, and 24 gauges; wire length: 50-, 100-, and 1000-foot options; and colors: White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and Black.

This selection is a sampling of the variety of Kynar wire gauges and wire lengths Jonard Tools offers:
    • R30-TRI, 30 AWG Kynar wire, Red White, and Blue, 50 ft 
    • R-30-0050 30 AWG Kynar Wire, Blue 50 ft
    • R-30-R-0050 30 AWG Kynar Wire, Red, 50ft
    • R-30W-0050 30 AWG Kynar Wire, White, 50 ft
    • R-30Y-0050 30 AWG Kynar Wire, Yellow, 50 ft
    • R24B-0100 24AWG Kynar Wire, Blue, 100 ft 
    • R24BLK-0100 24 AWG Kynar Wire, Black, 100ft
    • R24R-0100 24 AWG Kynar Red, 100 ft
    • WD-30B
    • WD-20W
    • WD-30R
    • WD-30Y 50 ft Kynar Wire Dispenser

Jonard Tools also offers Insulated Tools, Electric Wrap/Unwrap Tools, and a set of Expandable Retriever Hooks & Spring Hooks that come in packs of five, and a 25 Pocket Tool Roll Up Pouch.