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Wall Box & Electrical Panels

Wall Box & Electrical Panels

Jonard Tools manufactures unique wall boxes and electrical panels for the security & alarm, home automation, and low voltage industry.

Jonard Tools manufactures products and tools designed for installing and maintaining a wall box and components for electrical panels. Every tool manufactured by Jonard is made with premium quality materials to ensure durability and safety. We make an entire series of tools for opening walls to specific sizes intended for wall boxes, including several templates and the corresponding wall box cutters. 

The Jonard Tools line of Wall Box Templates is designed for helping an installer cut out single, double, 3, and 4 Gang work boxes. These wall box templates are perfect for ensuring these boxes are always level, thanks to the built-in levels. The rubber strips on the backs of these templates help keep them in place while preventing damage including scratches and scuffs to walls. 
To work along with the wall box templates, Jonard Tools manufactures Wall Box Cutters that can easily and accurately create rectangular or square openings in drywall. These Wall Box Cutters are made of stamped steel for high durability and are intended to be used with most industry-standard oscillating multi-tools. Can be used for installation of plastic, metal, or low voltage existing construction electrical boxes
Our Wall Box Templates and the Electrical Wall Box Cutters are available on their own or together as kits. These time-saving tool kits come with the single gang or double gang template and wall box cutters. The pieces in these kits can be used for the installation of plastic, metal, or low-voltage existing construction electrical boxes.
Jonard Tools’ patented WBK-100 Electrical Panel Knockout Kit is another must-have tool kit that’s designed to open knockouts from electrical panels without damaging the panel or cutting holes in the drywall. The modified screwdriver and panel buddy open knockouts in electrical panels easily. The panel buddy securely fits on the edge of the panel and has a hole for the modified screwdriver to go through, which increases leverage when pushing out the knockout and protects the drywall surface from rubbing against the screwdriver.
For more product details and information for our Wall Box Templates, Wall Box Cutting Tools, and Electrical Panel tools, please visit the designated product page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:

Wall Box & Electrical Panels
    • EBC-400
    • EBC-800
    • EBW-412
    • EBW-812
    • WBK-100
    • WTL-12
    • WTL-32M
    • WTL-34