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Fiber Slitting & Ringing Tools

Fiber Slitting & Ringing Tools

Jonard Tools manufactures over 40 unique fiber slitters and fiber ring tools for technicians working in the fiber optics industry.

Jonard Tools is committed to manufacturing our products with premium-quality materials for all our tools including our fiber slitters. As the low voltage industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools’ mission to provide tools that meet the latest needs of all fiber optic and cabling technicians. 
We take pride in manufacturing tools using premium-quality materials to ensure technicians across a broad spectrum of fields and industries have the most reliable and durable fiber topic slitting tools with them at any job site. Our dedication to the quality of the tools we offer is why we back most of our tools with our Made for Life®, Guaranteed for Life policy. 

Jonard Tools’ fiber slitting tools include our popular and patented mid-span slitting tools (MS line), which includes the new MS-446, Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool which is designed to be used on AFL's Heavy Duty OSP MicroCore® (LMHD-Series) cables, and other thick-walled 8.7 to 14.6 mm diameter jackets. These fiber slitters also include tools that are on the opposite side of the size spectrum, such as the MS-6, Mid Span Slitter (1.2 mm-3.3 mm). This patented and award-winning MS-6 is designed to provide easy access to optical fibers in outer jackets and loose buffer tubes. It features six precision grooves to handle various cable sizes. The ergonomic design allows a user to open a fiber jacket or buffer tube without damaging the fiber inside. 
The Jonard Tools catalog of fiber slitting tools also includes the patented and award-winning AST-200, CableSaber. The AST-200’s unique design allows a user to gain mid-span access to armored or thick jacketed cables 4 mm-28.6 mm (0.157”-1.125”) in diameter. This fiber slitter comes with an adjustable blade that can be easily adjusted with a thumb screw and can be extended up to 5.5 mm. The blade on this fiber slitter can be set to be in a longitudinal position for slitting or a radial position for ringing. 

For more detailed information on our slitting and ringing tools or other products in our fiber optics tool category, please visit the designated category section above. You will find the following section and corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers: 

 Slitting & Ringing Tools
    • AST-200
    • AST-200RB
    • BTR-6
    • CSR-1575
    • CSR-2
    • EZSR-23
    • FOD-2000
    • FOD-RB25
    • FOR-3000
    • FOR-3000RB
    • JIC-4366
    • JIC-4377
    • MS-26
    • MS-306
    • MS-306RB
    • MS-316
    • MS-316RB
    • MS-326
    • MS-336
    • MS-336RB
    • MS-426
    • MS-426RB
    • MS-446
    • MS-446RB
    • MS-526
    • MS-526RB
    • MS-6
    • MSB-1533
    • MSB-2968
    • MSB-5010
    • RB-2060/6
    • RB-2878/6
    • RCS-25
    • RCS-25RB
    • RCS-30
    • RCS-30RB
    • RCS-50
    • RCS-50RB
    • RST-8514
    • RST-RB25