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Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper Pro, 10-24 AWG

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With its innovative squeeze and strip design, this self-adjusting wire stripper automatically grasps and strips insulation off 10-24 AWG wires. It is perfect for stripping fine, thick, PVC, and other insulations off 10-24 AWG wires at specific strip lengths without having to make tedious adjustments. This self-adjusting wire stripper features the following:

  • Patented stripping mechanism strips smoothly and efficiently every time
  • Strips insulation off single and multi-stranded wires and can strip multiple wires of the same gauge simultaneously
  • Strip length can be adjusted manually up to 15 mm (0.591")
  • Wire cutter cuts wires as large as 10 AWG cleanly and easily
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize hand fatigue during prolonged use
  • High-quality laminated carbon steel stripping blades last over 30,000 strips and the tool has a life expectancy of over 150,000 uses

Wire Gauge

Wire Gauge: 10-24 AWG


Wire Gauge

10-24 AWG (2.6 mm-0.51 mm)

Maximum Strip Length

0.591" (15 mm)

Blade Material

Laminated Carbon Steel

Overall Length

8" (203 mm)


0.501 lb (227.25 g)



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