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Cable Installation Tools

Cable Installation Tools

Jonard Tools manufactures over 30 unique cable installation tools for the security & alarm, home automation, and low voltage industry. 

Jonard Tools is committed to providing premium quality on our cable installation tools. As the low voltage industry changes and new technology is introduced, it is Jonard Tools mission to provide the latest low voltage tools needed for each project.

Jonard Tools manufactures more than 70 cable installation tools that are designed to help low voltage technicians take on any installation project. Many of our tools are backed by our Made for Life®, guaranteed for life policy. Additionally, our cabling tools and products are also made of premium-quality materials to ensure each piece will last a lifetime.

Tools in this category include products that cabling technicians will need to start and complete projects.  From insulated electrical tools to wall box cutters, to cable insertion tools, to cable retrieval tools, to cable organizing tools, Jonard Tools has a tool to meet all cable installation needs. 
One must have tools in this category is the Coated Fiberglass Rodder, 3/16" x 300' (ROD-3316), which is a lightweight, portable cable installation tool that can run conduit cables or wires through or along conduit drops, as well as home drops from a hand-hole box into a building. The rodder is made with a non-conductive fiberglass core with a yellow nylon coating for increased visibility. The coating also reduces surface friction while pulling. The rodder comes with two flexible leaders (one has a pulling eye and the other has a ball tip), these are especially handy when guiding the rod through ducts with 90-degree turns.
Other popular, time-saving cable installation tools are the MagneTrievers such as the MaxForce Retrieval System. This patented system features ultra-strong neodymium magnets and a cylindrical head with rubber-coated wheels, this magnetic cable retrieval system makes it quick and easy to pull wire through drywall, finished walls, and other tight spaces without damaging surfaces. This magnetic cable retrieval system comes with a drop magnet with a pull line that has a stainless-steel housing to prevent damage and corrosion, and an eyelet on the opposite end to attach wires and cables. 
Jonard Tools also manufactures a smaller MagneTriever system that features a 10’ ball chain that can navigate through walls, a 24” flexible magnetic retriever with high-strength neodymium magnets that can be bent to retrieve ball chain, and an extendable retriever hook. 
For more product details and information for each cable installation tool for electricians, please visit the designated product page. You will find the following corresponding Jonard Tools part numbers:

Hole Cutters:
    • AHC-10
    • AHC-19
Cable Caddies:
    • CC-2721
    • CC-2721WS
    • CC-5542
Cable Organization Tools:
    • CCB-25
    • CCB-34
Drill Bits:
    • DBC-3818
    • DBC-3824
Magnetic Tools:
    • MF-1/25
    • MF-25/10
    • MF-25/25
    • MF-45
    • MF-5/25
    • MM-800
    • MP-100
    • MP-210
    • MP-220
    • MP-700
    • MP-800
    • MRS-24
    • MRS-36
    • MRS-RH20
    • ROD-3316
    • ROD-3316AK