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UR 3-Port Telephone Splice Connector (Pack of 100)


Only available in the TK-U3 Telephone Splice Connector Kit

Designed to splice three wires together quickly and easily, these splice connectors are perfect for splicing 19-26 AWG (0.91 - 0.40 mm) telephone wires. These splice connectors also feature the following:

  • Self-stripping design, so no separate stripping needed
  • Gel-filled cavity provides moisture resistance, and the housing is insulated to prevent accidental shocks
  • Works with 19-26 AWG (0.91 - 0.40 mm) electrical or telephone wires with solid copper conductors
  • Great for sensor and polarity wires
  • Can be used to splice 2 or 3 wires of various sizes together
  • Lifetime Warranty
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