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Replacement Sleeve Assy, DFB224, 22-24 AWG

Specifically designed to work in conjunction with our KB-DF224 Wrap/Unwrap Bit and PTX series tools, this sleeve assembly features the following:

  • Easily switch between wrap and unwrap mode by retracting or extending the sleeve and flipping the switch on a PTX Wire Wrapping/Unwrapping Tool
  • Retractable wire wrapping sleeve is coated with a durable 1000V dielectric material to prevent pin-to-pin shorting

Wire Gauge

Wire Gauge: 22-24 AWG (0.64 mm-0.51 mm)


Wrap Function

Wrap, Unwrap

For Bit


Length 4(11.14806cm)
Weight 0.06 lb (28.148 g)
UPC # 811490013186