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Insulated Wire Wrapping Tool with Flashlight

Designed for wrapping 18-32 AWG (1.00-0.20 mm) wire using our full range of interchangeable bits and sleeves, this tool is perfect for wrapping wire on hot circuits while preventing shocks. This wire wrapping tool also features the following:

  • Provides 10 revolutions per squeeze of the trigger for fast wire wrapping
  • Compatible with all our wire wrapping bits and sleeves
  • Rugged aluminum housing with insulation prevents shocks while working on hot circuits
  • Includes a flashlight attachment for working in low light environments

Note: bits and sleeves are sold separately

Wrap Function

Wrap Function: Wrap

Housing Material

Housing Material: Aluminum

Insulation Type

Insulation Type: Insulated

Included Flashlight

Included Flashlight: Yes


Wrap Function



LED Flashlight

Housing Material

Aluminum, Insulated


0.882 lb (0.400 kg)