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Network & Telecommunication Tools

Telecom is the transfer of data through electromagnetic signals while networking is connecting devices to one main system. In both methods of communication cabling tools are critical to ensure devices transmit signals properly and bring us television, telephone, radio, internet, and more.  


Patented Wire Stripper!

The cyclops wire stripper allows for fast and easy removal of outer insulation from all unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair, and multicore cables. 


Punchdown Tools

Perfect for any telecom or data communications installer, this punchdown tool terminates and trims wires in wall jack modulates.  While the EPD-91461 comes with 66 and 110 blades, Jonard also offers several other options. 


Wire Wrap Tools

Wire wrapping is a method of making a wire connection by coiling the bare wire around the sh...

Cable & Wire Stripping

Slit, strip, and ring cut any type of cable or wire of all sizes.

CATV, VDV, & Satellite Tools

The proper cabling tools are critical to ensuring devices transmit signals properly and brin...

Punchdown Tools

Sleek ergonomic design for easy effective wire termination. Tested up to 100,000 cycles at h...

Scissors & Knives

Designed for heavy duty use. Made of chrome vanadium steel with a special hardening process ...

Test Equipment

Install and maintain your equipment properly with Jonard test equipment for all cable types....


Wrenches are forged and heat treated for greater strength.

Tool Kits & Cases

Jonard makes kit combinations for all applications. Whether you need a pouch for your tool b...

Compression & Crimping Tools

All COAX cables require proper compression tools to terminate the cable with a connector. Jo...