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Founded in 1958, Jonard Tools has been engineering and designing tools that move the industry forward and connect the world. The team at Jonard Tools has worked closely with Fiber Optic technicians, Fiber Optic cable manufactures, and industry specialists to engineer Fiber Optic tools that are Made for Life® with a lifetime warranty. With a collection of Fiber Optic Tools to select from, our team has engineered Fiber Optic tools that allow Fiber technicians to strip, prepare, clean, connect, and test Fiber Optic cables.

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Featured Fiber Optic Tools

Multi-Function OTDR

Jonard Tools’ Mini Pro OTDR is the perfect all-in-one handheld device for evaluating FTTx and access network construction and maintenance, identifying fiber breakpoints, measuring cable length, and calculating relative optical power losses.

Thick-walled Microduct Scoring Tool, 5–16 mm

The Jonard Tools Microduct Scoring Tool is perfect for scoring and ringing 14/10 and 16/10 fiber optic microducts without damaging the fibers inside.

Rugged Visual Fault Locator Kit

Designed to detect fiber breakpoints, fiber leaks, poor connections, and stress points, this rugged visual fault locator is perfect for field personnel detecting faults in fiber optic cables. 

Optical Fiber Identifier

Designed to quickly identify the direction of transmitted fiber and display the relative core power without damaging the fiber, this fiber identifier is the perfect tool for identifying fiber in network systems without disrupting the network.

Fiber Optic Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool Kit (1.2 mm-18.2 mm)+

Built with your needs, wants, and budget in mind! This kit will save you money and time, it provides an assortment of tools designed for easy access into fiber optic cables and buffer tubes. There is a line on the top of our Mid Span Slit & Ring Tools making it easy and fast to indicate blade locations. This kit includes a carrying case to keep these lightweight tools safe from scratches.

Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (5.8 mm-12 mm)

Specifically designed for Prysmian ESMF Optical Mini FlexTube® cables and other similarly sized cables. This tool has 4 precision slitting and ringing grooves from 5.8 mm - 12 mm (0.23” – 0.47”)

Precision Fiber Cleaver

Designed to provide a precise cleave and prepare a fiber to be fusion spliced for 250 µm and 900 µm coated optical fiber

Fiber Connector Cleaner, 1.25 mm

Featuring a patented 360° rotational tip for extra-wide cleaning, the FCC-125 Fiber Connector Cleaner provides exceptional cleaning performance on 1.25 mm ferrules in recessed fiber optic adapters or individual LC and MU connectors

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