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F Connector Torque Wrench, 30 in-lb, 8" and 12"

Designed for torquing F connectors to a preset torque of 30 in-lb (3.4 N-m), this torque wrench is perfect for tightening or loosening F connectors in high-density locations. This torque wrench features the following:

  • Ideal for use in high-density locations such as headends
  • Handle has audible click sound that lets you know when the connector is fully torqued to 30 in-lb
  • Turn clockwise to tighten the connector and counterclockwise to remove
  • Preset calibration to 30 in-lb (3.4 N-m) to meet most manufacturers' recommended torque requirements for their F connectors so no adjustments are needed
  • 8" shaft provides easy access to connectors in tight locations and 12" shaft provides extra length in hard to reach locations
  • Shaft made of chrome vanadium steel for high durability and long life
  • Handle has ergonomic rubberized grip for increased comfort and improved leverage
  • Includes (1) 8" shaft for ergonomic use and (1) 12" shaft that provides extra reach

This torque wrench includes:

  • CTW-7168 F Connector Torque Wrench Shaft, 8"
  • CTW-71612 F Connector Torque Wrench Shaft, 12"
  • CTW-H F Connector Torque Wrench Handle

Shaft Length

Shaft Length: 8" and 12"


Connector Type

F Connector

Shaft Length

8" (20.32 cm) and 12" (30.48 cm)

Assembled Length

8.625" (21.91 cm) and 13" (33.0 cm)

Shaft Material

Chrome Vanadium Steel


0.428 lb (194 g)