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Mini COAX Cable Stripping Tool

The Jonard Tools UST-185 COAX stripping tool is designed to strip dual and quad shield mini coaxial cables for quick and easy termination. This mini COAX stripping tool features the following:

  • Included blade cartridge (UST-230) with cable stop provides a 2-level strip for Belden, Commscope, Times Fiber, and other mini COAX cables
  • High carbon steel blades last over 5,000 strips on each side
  • Cable stop on both sides of the cartridge ensures precise stripping without need to make adjustments
  • Cartridge is reversible for ambidextrous use
  • Hook and Loop strip on bottom of the tool folds back the braided shield on the cable with ease
  • Large finger loop provides smooth rotation during use
  • Stripping action removes 1/4" of jacket and 1/4" of shield and dielectric, which exposes the center conductor


Cable Type

Dual/Quad Shield Mini COAX

Cable Size


Handle Color


Product Main Color Blue
Dimensions 4.98 in x 2.63 in x 1 in (12.65 cm x 6.68 cm x 2.54 cm)
Weight 0.11 lb (49.032 g)
UPC # 811490017092