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The Best Of The Best

The 2021 Products of the Year honor our leading tools. The product finalists are among all categories from the Telecom, CATV, Fiber Optic, Home Automation, Security & Alarm, and Electrical markets. The winners were based on how the products rated on innovativeness, sales velocity, and solutions for industry needs. 

2021 Products of the Year

Cable Comb® Cable Organizing Tool

Neatly bundle your cables! Jonard Tools' Cable Comb® Cable Organizing Tool substantially reduces the amount of time it takes to straighten, organize, and lash multiple cables together with ease. 

Precision Fiber Cleaver

The Jonard Tools FC-500 precision fiber cleaver is designed to provide a precise cleave and prepare a fiber to be fusion spliced for 250 µm and 900 µm coated optical fiber. 

9 ft Compact Glow Rod Kit, 3/16" Diameter

Designed to facilitate telecom and datacom installations, these glow rods are the perfect tool for pushing and pulling cables in low light applications.

Optical Fiber Identifier

Designed to quickly identify the direction of transmitted fiber and display the relative core power without damaging the fiber, this fiber identifier is the perfect tool for identifying fiber in network systems without disrupting the network. 

Fiber Connector Tool for LC Connectors

Designed to insert and extract LC connectors in high-density patch panels, the FCT-200 is the perfect tool for working with LC connectors in tightly packed bulkheads. 


The Jonard Tools CableSaber™ is the ultimate tool for gaining mid-span access to armored or thick jacketed cables 4 mm-28.6 mm (0.157”-1.125”) in diameter. 

Flush Cut Kevlar® Cutters

The Jonard Tools JIC-190 Flush Cut Kevlar® Cutters are designed to cut Kevlar®, cabling insulation, tape, cable ties, and other materials flush to the surface.

11 Piece Insulated Tool Kit

Jonard's 11 Piece Insulated Tool Kit is the perfect kit for tech professionals and electricians. It contains 11 tools: 7 screwdrivers, 3 pliers, and 1 wire stripper, all packaged in a convenient rugged tool case. 

Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (9.8 mm-18.2 mm)

The PATENTED and award-winning MS-526 Mid Span Slit and Ring Tool is designed to provide easy access to optical fibers in Corning Altos loose tube cable with binderless FastAcess technology (as well as other similar thin-walled 9.8 to 18.2 mm diameter jackets). 

Round Cable Strip & Ring Tool for Large Cables

The big brother to our popular CST-1900, the PATENTED CST-4000 Round Cable Strip & Ring Tool is designed for fast and precise removal of cable jackets from round cables that are 3/4” to 1 5/8” (19 mm to 40 mm) in diameter. 

6-in-1 Crimping Tool, RJ45 Pass-through & RJ11/12 Modular

Designed to crimp RJ11/12 and RJ45 connectors onto CAT3, CAT5/5e, and CAT6 cables, this pass-through connector crimper is perfect for any network installer.

Fiber Power Meter & Optical Light Source Kit (-50 to +26 dBm, single-mode)

This tool kit provides everything you need to measure power and provide a stable light source for fiber optic cable testing.