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Jonard Tools CT-200 Universal Compression Tool

CATV, VDV, & Satellite Tools
Compression & Crimping Tools

This universal compression tool is designed for use on F Connectors (RG59, RG6, & RG11), BNC Connectors (RG59 & RG6) and RCA Connectors (RG59 & RG6). Tool is designed with a dual head and adjustment dial for each unique connector application. COMPATIBLE CONNECTORS: PPC - CMP6, CMP62, CMP59Q, CMP11, EX6XL, EX59XL, EX59XLHE, EX6XLW9, EX7, EX7N716, EX11, EX11N716, EX320QR, EX320N716 T & B - Snap -n-Seal Digicon - DS6, DS59, DS59Q, DS11, DS7 Gilbert UE - GF-UE-59, GF-UE-59Q, GF-UE-6, GF-UE-6Q, GF-UE-5.1, RCA-UE, BNC-UE Plus many other brands and styles including F, RCA & BNC Types.