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Security & Alarm Industry

Through research and development, we design products for every professional to be more efficient working with tools that are Made for Life®. We engineer patented products with lifetime warranties and are always available to support our customers.


MRS - 24
Magnetic Retrieval System

Experience Jonard’s magnetic retrieval system! This tool allows you to effortlessly fish wires through walls and includes the ball chain and retrieval hook. 


Wire Stripper & Crimper (8 - 26 AWG)

The Jonard Tools WSC-826 is a multi-function wire stripper designed to cut and strip wire from 8 - 26 AWG (8.36 mm² - 0.13 mm²) without any adjustments needed.

Cable Installation

Cable Installation & Fishing

Radio signals transmit data using antennas and decoders to translate the information. Even w...
 CATV Satellite VDV

CATV, VDV, & Satellite Tools

The proper cabling tools are critical to ensuring devices transmit signals properly and brin...
Compression Crimping

Compression & Crimping Tools

All COAX cables require proper compression tools to terminate the cable with a connector. Jo...

Test Equipment

Install and maintain your equipment properly with Jonard test equipment for all cable types....

Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers

Jonard Slotted, Phillips and Robertson Screwdrivers are made of special alloy steel for exce...
Security Alarm Kits

Tool Kits & Cases

Jonard makes kit combinations for all applications. Whether you need a pouch for your tool b...

Wire Wrap Tools

Wire wrapping is a method of making a wire connection by coiling the bare wire around the sh...
Cable Strippers

Cable & Wire Stripping

Slit, strip, and ring cut any type of cable or wire of all sizes.