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Fiber Optic Industry

Fiber optics uses flexible fibers of glass to transmit light signals that allow for higher bandwidths and longer distances than traditional wires. Optical fibers are as thin as a human hair and carry large amounts of data for telecommunication, television, and computer networking. 




Patented MS-326 Fiber Optic Mid Span Slit and Ring Tool

Specifically designed for Prysmian ESMF Optical Mini FlexTube® cables and other similarly sized cables. This tool has 4 precision slitting and ringing grooves from 5.8 mm - 12 mm (0.23” – 0.47”)

Ratcheting Cable Slitter

This ratcheting cable slitter is the perfect tool for slitting and ringing round cables greater than 25.0mm in diameter and is designed to dismantle tough cables. Fixed jaws and ratcheting feature make it easy to grip and slit heavy-duty cable


Cable & Wire Stripping

Slit, strip, and ring cut any type of cable or wire of all sizes.

CATV, VDV, & Satellite Tools

The proper cabling tools are critical to ensuring devices transmit signals properly and brin...

Fiber Optic Tools

Every tool you need to access, clean, connect, and prepare fiber cables.

Compression & Crimping Tools

All COAX cables require proper compression tools to terminate the cable with a connector. Jo...

Electrical Connector Tools

Products to support Electricians, Electrical Contractors, and all those who work with wires ...

Scissors & Knives

Designed for heavy duty use. Made of chrome vanadium steel with a special hardening process ...

Test Equipment

Install and maintain your equipment properly with Jonard test equipment for all cable types....

Tool Kits & Cases

Jonard makes kit combinations for all applications. Whether you need a pouch for your tool b...
TK-AT5 - Alignment Tool Kit

Alignment, Adjustment, & Burnishers

Selection of the most popular non-conductive tools for aligning and adjusting components. As...