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CATV & Satellite Industry

These cables consist of an inner conductor, insulation, conducting shield, and outer sheath jacket. The spacing within the cables must be consistent in order to transmit the signals, and our tools ensure proper methods that will not damage these cables in any way. 


New Hardline Stripping & Coring Tools

Designed to core and strip all-in-one. Ideal for use with QR860 Quantum Reach cable, but Jonard offers a full line of sizes. 

Multi-function Compression Tools

The CTF-230 dual compression tool is designed for use on both short and long style F connectors. However, Jonard offers a complete range of compression tools for all connector types.

Cable Strippers

Cable & Wire Stripping

Slit, strip, and ring cut any type of cable or wire of all sizes.

Fiber Optic Tools

Every tool you need to access, clean, connect, and prepare fiber cables.
 CATV Satellite VDV

CATV, VDV, & Satellite Tools

The proper cabling tools are critical to ensuring devices transmit signals properly and brin...
Compression Crimping

Compression & Crimping Tools

All COAX cables require proper compression tools to terminate the cable with a connector. Jo...

Insulated Tools

Perfect for Tech Professionals and Electricians, these pliers and screwdrivers are tested to...
Cable Installation

Cable Installation & Fishing

Radio signals transmit data using antennas and decoders to translate the information. Even w...

Termination, Locking & Unlocking Tools

Jonard creates tools for all kinds of locking terminators. Termination is essential when run...


Wrenches are forged and heat treated for greater strength.
Security Alarm Kits

Tool Kits & Cases

Jonard makes kit combinations for all applications. Whether you need a pouch for your tool b...

Scissors & Knives

Designed for heavy duty use. Made of chrome vanadium steel with a special hardening process ...

Test Equipment

Install and maintain your equipment properly with Jonard test equipment for all cable types....
TK-AT5 - Alignment Tool Kit

Alignment, Adjustment, & Burnishers

Selection of the most popular non-conductive tools for aligning and adjusting components. As...