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Unwrap Bit 20-26 AWG

Compatible with our G100/R3394CT Wire Unwrapping Tool or any model of our PTX power tools, this wire unwrap bit is perfect for unwrapping 20-26 AWG wire from binding posts. This unwrap bit also features the following:

  • Using the compatible sleeve and tool, you can quickly and easily remove old wire terminations or unintentional wrapping mistakes
  • Wire Gauge: 20-26 AWG (0.80-0.40 mm diameter)
  • Terminal Hole Diameter: 0.070" (1.77 mm)
  • Compatible Tool Part #'s: G100/R3394CT, PTX series
  • Compatible Unwrap Sleeve Part #: SOK2230
  • Lifetime Warranty 


Wrap Function


Wire Gauge

20-26 AWG (0.80-0.4 mm)

Terminal Hole Diameter

0.070" (1.77 mm)

Weight 0 lb (0 g)
UPC # 811490013070