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Magtime™ Magnetic Cable Holder (Pack of 10)

Made with neodymium magnets, these magnetic cable holders are ideal for installing cables on high ceilings or other places quickly and easily. These magnetic holders feature the following:

  • Ultra-strong magnets made from neodymium (a rare earth magnet) hold up to 15 lb (6.8 kg) of cables
  • Compatible with our RDT-18K Telescoping Pole and MF-45 Magtime Cable Pole Bracket to hang wires in high places
  • Permanently holds wires in place but can also be removed in seconds
  • Specially designed slots are perfect for using zip ties and hook and loop strips to hold cables in place


Quantity: 10 Pack



10 Holders


15 lb (6.8 kg)

Magnet Diameter

0.91" (23.0 mm)

Holder Weight

0.032 lb (14.5 g)

Total Weight

0.80 lb (362.9 g)

Weight 0 lb (0 g)
UPC # 810053350454