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Fiber Connector Cleaner, MPO

Featuring a patented 360° rotational tip for extra-wide cleaning, the FCC-120 Fiber Connector Cleaner provides exceptional cleaning performance on individual MPO connectors or ferrules in recessed fiber optic adapters. This fiber connector cleaner features the following:

  • Slide-Guide™ non-slip micro tape feeder guarantees consistent cleaning
  • Dual rotational tip and one-push operation makes cleaning ferrule end-faces quick and easy
  • Flip-open cap makes it easy to insert connectors for cleaning
  • Can be used for over 500 cleanings and has a visual indicator to see how much cleaning material is left
  • Static-free housing and cleaning cloth make this tool perfect for ESD-safe work
  • Great for many applications (satellite communication systems, military and civilian maritime optical networks, aviation, broadcasting and HDTV, fiber to the antenna for WiMax and cellular networks, outside plant and fiber to the home, cable television head end, data centers, telecom central offices) and crush resistant to over 250N, impact resistant to survive drops over 1.5M

Connector Type

Connector Type: MPO


Fiber Connector


Number of Cleanings



9" (22.9 cm)


0.18 lb (81.65 g)