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Universal Crimper Without Die

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Designed for minimal closing force (with separate crimping dies), this crimper is the perfect tool for crimping COAX, network, and other connectors using the appropriate dies. This crimper features the following:

  • Ratcheting handle makes it easy to use with a low amount of hand force, even to the last click
  • Ergonomically designed angled head lessens the need to uncomfortably bend your wrist while working
  • Die changes are quick and easy to perform
  • Built-in safety release allows the ratchet to unlock if it ever gets stuck
  • Ergonomic dual-component handles provide comfort during use
  • Durable steel housing lasts a lifetime and is perfect for accommodating Fiber Optic (UCD-2685) and COAX (UCD-2045) dies

Crimping Die

Crimping Die: Without Crimping Die


Cable Type



9-1/2" (241.3mm)


1.319 lbs (598g)