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Extra Force F Connector Tool, 12"

Designed with a nut on the base of the handle and a short head with a heavy duty weld, this 12” F Connector Tool is perfect for installing or removing rusted or corroded F connectors in high-density locations. This tool also features the following:

  • Head is welded using premium materials to withstand high amounts of force and torque
  • Short head design allows it to grasp connectors in high density locations where cables may be twisted or bent
  • Nut at the base of the shaft allows it to be torqued with a wrench to remove heavily corroded or rusted F connectors
  • 12" overall length allows you to reach F connectors in hard-to-reach places
  • Ergonomically designed handle provides increased comfort and leverage

Connector Type

Connector Type: Extra Force


Length: 12"


Connector Type


Hex Size

7/16" (11.11 mm)

Head Length

0.52" (1.32 cm)

Shaft Length

8" (20.32 cm)


12" x 1.28" x 1.28" (30.48 cm x 3.25 cm x 3.25 cm)

Weight 0.26 lb (118.04 g)
UPC # 810053350898