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Fish Tape, 240 feet

Designed for easier payout and rewind, the FTS-240 is perfect fish tape reel for pulling wire or cables through conduit, walls, or under carpets. This fish tape reel also features the following:

  • Tape is made from a high strength spring steel to handle heavy-duty wire pulls with ease
  • Laser-etched with measurement markings at every foot (0.305 m)
  • Case and handle are made from a high impact plastic material for superior impact resistance, allowing it to withstand drops over two stories high
  • Two viewing ports allow you to see how much tape is left in the case

Tape Length

Tape Length: 240 feet


Tape Length

240 ft (73.15 m)

Tape Width

1/8" (3.175 mm)

Tape Thickness

1/16" (1.59 mm)


6.8 lb (3.08 kg)